Frank: From Tabby Terrorist to Momma's Boy

Hi Friends, welcome to another Wonderpurr RE-BOOT post. For years I've stayed in the background like most of us Anipal mom and dad managers do, pushing our fur kids forward into the limelight. But for this Re-Boot, I thought I'd step out of the shadows on occasion to share my favorite stories, be they about Rescue, or something from the Behind the Scenes category. Anyway, let's start with one of my most favorite rescues, Frank.
Amazing what love and the promise of never giving up on someone can do to turn a life around. Meet Frank, my ten-year-old tough-tabby-turned-soft-hearted-sweetie pie.

Frank arrived in early spring 2014, acting tough, showing off his man pride with tail held high. I’ve never met a stray like Frank, which is why, of all the 100+ strays I’ve rescued throughout my adult lifetime, I’ve picked Frank to feature first on my Kept by Cats Rescue series.

27th Day of Retirement

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning in Flagler County, Florida, USA. 69 degrees. Tufted titmice serenaded the fragrant ocean air. The Wonderpurr Gang had just finished their after-breakfast snacks (as specified in their contracts), and were settled down throughout the house taking their before-lunch naps. A soft breeze drifted through our lanai where my husband had set up to clean the pool cage screens.
Giddy with the promise of having several hours to myself, I headed toward my office with an aromatic cup of Green Mountain Nantucket Blend to work on my blog when from the corner of my eye I spied the scene below:\

Let it be known, after taking one photo to publish on my social media accounts, I tossed down my phone and ran to hold the ladder.

And yes, Ray got the Speech of Shame where I told him how disappointed I was that he had chosen to risk his life and the future we had planned on by standing at the top of an unsecured ladder--over a cement pool--wearing FLIP FLOPS!

I also pointed out with wifely disgust, that the right back leg of the ladder was less than ONE INCH from the edge of the water.

Typical of my A-type husband, he calmly pointed out that he had not placed the ladder atop the waterfall tiles, as that (he stated in a smug tone) would be too dangerous.

As of today we are 27 days into Ray's retirement, and honestly our footing is precarious as we try to find our New Normal. With that thought in mind, I came to the conclusion that...

Retirement + Quarantine + Ray + AssRabbit = Kim experiencing a daily meltdown.

I'm a glass half-full kind of gal, so the upside from today's drama is, I've found a new category to work from on this blog: 

Stay tuned for future posts very much like this one... (she said with resignation.)



Welcome to our Wonderpurr ReBoot! I'm Dori, your hostess for Tuesdays with Dori. Makes sense. I mean, it would be silly if Wabbit or Hwermie was hostess for Tuesdays with Dori.

Anyway! This past week I was supposed to write a fascinating column filled with insightful theories about Love, Life and the purrrrsuit of Happy-ness. However, my 'puter gave me trubble, and I got plenty hissed.

I mean, look what I went through!

Feature Friday: Bionic Basil - Smooch Around the Wurld

Welcome to FEATURE FRIENDS, where we celebrate a Blog, an Author, an Artist, or someone who has accomplished something pretty Wonderpurr.

The first to be featured is my friend, Cathrine Garnell, who is the brains behind the EPIC! blog, Bionic Basil

Breakfast with Bambi


Dear Diary,

This past week me and my Dad were hanging out in the Catio when suddenly, we realized we were being spied on. Yah, it was kinda creepy, looking up to see someone staring back at us. Like we were invading their purrsonal space.

Anyway, Daddy grabbed his phone and started shooting. He's been watching Mom shoot vids and thought he could be creative too. Well, he shot three vids and ... Mom took them and had to cut and paste in order to make it look smoother than the roller coaster ride Daddy shot. 

But hey! My Dad is trying really hard. You know he's retired now, and I guess being retired means his brain cells get to chillax and just go with the flow.

So, here is the video me and my Dad shot. Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to let us know what you think of our mew-vee by Commenting below.

Until next time, simmer the hekk down. And remember... 

Life is too short to live by rules.

xoxo AssRabbit

The Scent of Happiness

Hi pals, i
t's me Herman!!! <~ YupI still got my three exclamation points. I never go anywhere without them. On January 18th I found my Forever Home. It was during a blizzard in Kentucky. I know you may have heard my story before, but I like to tell it whenever I have a captive audience.