October 10, 2023

Celebrating Dori on her Birthday


We at It's a Wonderpurr Life are celebrating our beautiful Dori today on her birthday.

Dori arrived in our Southaven, Mississippi yard at 3 months old on a cold winter night shortly before we left to drive up to Michigan for Christmas. At the time I thought it was just one stray, a black female with a bad eye. I told my fabulous pet sitter, Michelle, to feed her while I was away.

When I returned a week later, Annie the stray had brought her entire family - baby daddy Nikolas, two black panther sons and twin tabby girls. 

While the parents were sweet and tame, the kittens were WILD and scared the hekk out of me with their hissing and spitting. But I caught them all and kept them in an upstairs bedroom throughout the winter while I worked to simmer them down in order to be adopted.

Almost immediately I knew the one tabby girl had to be removed from the others. She was very sweet and never once tried to murder me with her mittens. She was so pretty with such a delicate feminine face. Ray started calling her his little peanut. Her twin was cute, but in a tomboy kind of way.

I put the family on Pet Finders, and right away there was interest in Dori. But when Ray found out his little peanut could be adopted, he said NO! To be honest I was relieved even though at the time we had around nine or ten ex-strays living with us. 

So Dori was officially adopted, and we also kept her daddy, Nikolas, who truly was the best daddy I've ever met. He loved his kittens and played with them all the time. I recall dragged a rug around the cat room for Nikolas to surf on, with the kittens jumping on to ride with him. To this day Nik is still a very sweet guy, and rooms with our FIV+ tabby Chevy. They were Garage Bandmates with Jesse until we moved to Florida and Jesse was kicked out of the band after losing his teeth to stomititis.

We cannot imagine our home without Dori. She has a sweet, spunky spirit, and greets every day with Joy. I especially cherish hearing her squeals of delight upon finding her precious Dolly Meow (who is constantly being lost under furniture or inside closets), or when she snuggles with me at night, waking me every now and then to pat my face and lick my cheek. Who needs REM sleep when you have the sweetest little girl reminding you that life is truly Wonderpurr, even with a dozen plus cats.

Happy Birthday, Dori! You are the true inspurration for It's a Wonderpurr Life.

October 06, 2023

Field Trip to Yates Cider Mill


Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me, Dori, President of the Ber Months Fan Club.

Today I invite yoo to join me on my first ever field trip to celebrate Everything Autumn. 

We're going to visit Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

My momma and daddy grew up in Michigan with fond memories of elementary school field trips to Yates Cider Mill, now celebrating 160 years of being one of Michigan's most beloved places to spend a day in autumn.

So without further delay, click on the video below.

I hope yoo enjoyed my field trip and learned stuff yoo didn't know about how apple cider is made. If the links in the video aren't working and yoo want to learn more about the history of  Yates Cider Mill, please click the image below to go to their website. And while there yoo can also order apple cider and donuts to be shipped to yoo on the day yoo request.

Well, I'm exhausted and need a nap, so I'm going to say bye bye. If yoo would leave me a message to let me know if yoo enjoyed my field trip, it might help me create future field trips. Thank yoo so much for joining me. Now go off and make it a Wonderpurr day. 

Until Next Time...

August 08, 2023

Baking with Cats: Almond Joy Cookies


Dear Fwends, this is Dori. *wavy paws!* I hope yoo all are enjoying a nice AugtoBER and getting excited about the arrival of Fall where we bweak free from the leash of Summer and start to dwink lots of pumpkin spice lattes, and nom on pumpkin spice muffins and pumpkin spice Spam, and pumpkin spice ... Everything!

Recently my momma got into the mood to bake some cookies, and she wanted to try making Almond Joy Cookies because Almond Joy is one of her favorite candy bars. Daddy prefers Mounds Bars, but that's not the point. The point is, Momma chose a day to bake these cookies when Daddy was finally out of the house after three weeks of not golfing due to storms and high heat. After yoo see this video, I'm sure yoo can see why she chose a day when Daddy was not home, because Daddy and Wabbit are almost one and the same in purrsonality.

Anyway, we have been hunkered down trying to get through this summer because the heat is making my momma crabby, and also she's trying to help Wabbit write his Tell All book. Gosh. I hope there's no unseamly gossip about me in it. I would have to sue.

If yoo are interested in making the cookies in the video, I have included it below. And ... maybe lock up yoor kittehs if yoo do decide to make them. Sticky coconut and kitteh fur do not go well together, even with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

Almond Joy Cookies

1 - 14 oz bag sweetened coconut flakes

2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

2/3 cup chopped lightly salted almonds I used Blue Diamond Low Sodium Lightly Salted - light blue bag

1 - 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

• Preheat the oven to 325F.
• Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
• Parchment paper is critical for these cookies to turn out right. Silicone mats, waxed paper, etc. will yield a slightly different result.
• In a large bowl combine coconut, chocolate chips, almonds, and sweetened condensed milk.
• Stir until combined.
• Scoop out dough with a cookie scoop onto prepared baking sheet.
• Moisten the tips of your fingers with water and shape into discs. Pat the tops flat.
• Bake cookies for 12 to 14 minutes or until tips of coconut are just starting to turn golden brown.
• Let cool on baking sheet.
• Store in airtight container.

Until Next Time...

July 31, 2023

Official Invitation to August to Join the 'BER Months

Dear August,

This is Dori, *wavy paws*. I know this is short notice, but I would like yoo to formally join the ’BER Months by changing yoor name to AugtoBER.

Here are my reasons why this would be a good move for yoo.

There are no major federal holidays celebwated during the month of August. Other than Homemade Pie Day on the 1st, and Inpurrnational Cat Day on the 8th… and maybe Wurld Honeybee Day on the 19th because they are in danger of being extincted, along with International Homeless Animals Day which hurts my heart to think of animals being homeless, August isn’t a month where hoomons get an official day off along with an excuse to overeat and dwink wine and be silly.

Balloons to Heaven Day on the 6th is a very bad idea, August. Them rubber floaty things end up in lakes and oceans and eff up aquatic life. Apologies for saying a bad wurd but, I’m vewy serious.

Cwackers Over the Keyboard Day on the 28th is just plain silly. And National Dan Day on the 31st leaves me with so many questions: Who is Dan? Where does he live? What did he do that was special enough to get a day named after him? And are all hoomons named Dan being celebwated on that day, or only just one guy named Dan? Also, what about kittehs and doggos named Dan? Are they getting celebwated too? Thinking about this hurts my bwain, August.

Now, here are my reasons why yoo should change yoor name to AugtoBER.

The ‘BER Months start in SeptemBER where children go back to school. They get new clothes and new school supplies and start talking about what costume they will wear on Halloween and what kind of pie they like best for Thanksgiving and what they want Santa Claus to bwing them for Christmas.

August, if yoo join the ‘BER Months, yoo will usurp the usual excitement related to SeptemBER by being the first to get everyone excited with anticipation for the change that’s coming from hot and sweaty weather to cooler temperatures where leaves change to pwetty colors and noms become delicious and cweative like sugar cookies made to look like slices of punkin pie.

The ‘BER Months typically get hoomons thinking about Christmas, so they get out their notebooks and start planning lists on what to buy, and what to bake, and what photos will be on their Christmas card or what family achievements they will brag about in their Holiday newsletter. 

If yoo joined the ‘BER Months, August, maybe we could finally get yoo a legitimate National Holiday called Get Excited for HollowThanksMas where everyone spends that day planning costumes, what pie they will serve after turkey noms, and sorting out who belongs on the Nice List as opposed to the Naughty List.

Anyway, AugtoBER -- I’m calling yoo AugtoBER to let yoo try it on and see how it fits – I realize this is last minute, but I sincerely hope yoo will abandon yoor hot, sweaty, no-nothing existence among the summer months, and come join the Fun Months. Come be a ‘BER and I promise yoo will have no regrets.

Sincerely, Dori, President of the ‘BER Months Fan Club

July 25, 2023

Drink During Summertime - It Can Save Your Life

Fwends, this is Dori *wavy paws* with a vewy serious pawblic service announcement.

And before yoo get all excited that I've given yoo purrmission to go get drunk on alcoholic beverages like Long Island Ice Teas and Mojitos and Tequila Sunrises and Moscow Mules... I'm not. Like I said, I'm talking serious stuff here.

If yoo are experiencing severe warm outside, yoo might be in danger of being dehydrated without realizing it.*paws on hips* I’m speaking to yoo, Daddy!

Here in FloryDa we are suffering with high temperatures that pwevent me from enjoying my Catio. And because we can’t enjoy outside we are all stuck together inside. With a crowd of purrsonalities like we have, it’s pwetty dicey on who’s going to get up in someone else’s bizness and have a dissygreement.

Anyway! I'm not here to talk about soshallizing dissygreeable fur sibs. I'm talking about Dehydration and it's vewy serious. Yoo can die! Or mess up yoor Day by lying in bed sick when yoo could be having fun.

When ChauncieMarie (18) and Opie (16) were diagnosed with kidney disease they got prescription noms. And Momma started adding Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements HydraCare®

to their breakfast noms. She also adds a little to my bowl and everyone else’s just to make sure we are getting enough liquids. She also adds a little water to our bowls. I’ve tried to tell her that’s overkill but she ignored me… like she knows better than I do. So sad.

I’m not an influencer for Chewy or Purina’s HydraCare. I just care about yoo my frens, and want yoo to enjoy a nicely hydrated body.

Yoo can buy HydraCare on Chewy - 12 3oz pouches for @14.99. One pouch is a lot when adding to our kitty bowls - Momma gives most to Opie and ChauncieMarie, then squirts some in my bowl and the others. It’s a pwetty orange color - like salmon soup! And tasted delicious! All 13 of us love the taste.

Okay. Yoo now know what to do. Drink lots of clean water. Water is best - avoid sugary drinks and alcohol as they don’t hydrate yoo.

<heavy sighs> The heat is now getting to me, even indoors cuz I’m lying in my window hammock. Time to close the shade and have a nice cool rest on the bed.

Love yoo all! Dori  

Until Next Time...

June 27, 2023

When Someone Gives You TMI, All You Can Do Is Turn Up The Volume


Hi evfurrybuddy. It's me, Dori. *wavy paws* I hope yoo enjoyed a wonderpurr weekend filled with adventure, relaxation and delicious noms that yoo normally don’t eat Monday through Friday. Like hot dogs.

On Caturday I wanted a hot dog while I watched sports on teevee with Daddy, but Momma told me No!

She said there’s not a lot of actual meat in hot dogs, even when it's listed as a top ingredient. They are mostly water and fat, with a tiny bit of meat in the traditional sense. The meat that is used is lower-grade and has been turned into sludge.

June 13, 2023

Cat Daddy's Day Celebration

Hi everyone, it's me Dori. *wavy paws* I wanted to check in with yoo to make sure yoo are doing well and the summertime hoomiditty hasn't melted yoor bwains. Yes, I know Summer doesn't offically start until next Wednesday, but here in FloryDa it has been hunkered down like a smelly ol' toad in our catio since April. In case yoo are wonderpurring, my bwains are nice 'n chill... like plump pink shwimps relaxing on a bed of ice chips. It's the Tabby Way to be chill during the worst of summer heat.

So, what have yoo been up to since we last meowed? Are yoo following the Yellowstone saga where Kevy Costner is definitely leaving and making everyone else in the cast lose their jobs? Or that Laramie and Walker are a couple in real life?

May 30, 2023

How We Spent Our Memorial Day Weekend

Dearest Friends, We hope yoo are in the process of recovering from a long, fun-filled holiday weekend, and didn’t overindulge in too many hot dogs slathered with mustard and catsup with extra relish and potato salad on the side. With chips and Coca Cola. And blueberry pie. Never skip the pie.

Momma bought us a can of shredded crabmeat to celebrate, but only Wabbit seemed to like it. If she had bothered to text me I could’ve saved her three dollars by telling her to spend the money wisely on Churus.

Anyway, we had a very exciting weekend and … wait for it… all because Momma took Chevy and Nikolas to see Dr. Feelgood on Thursday. I know, good things normally don’t come from being crammed into a pet carrier and driven to the ends of the earth, only to be poked and prodded by a stranger who smells like dogs and foreign cats. But Thursday was a rare exception.

May 02, 2023

A Wonderpurr Week of High Winds, Flying Hummer Nests and Disappearing Tooths

Oh! Hi evfurrybuddy, it’s me, Dori. *wavy paws* Sowwy, I was just investigating a baby dwagon who was winking at me on the other side of the window. We have lots of baby dwagons around our house, but sadly if they get into the catio, I'm not allowed to play with them. Momma always takes them away. I purrsonally think she just wants to play with them herself.

Anyway! I hope yoo enjoyed a Wonderpurr weekend filled with extra tweats, belly rubs and soothing sun puddle naps in yoor favorite window. As yoo know, Sunday was National Tabby Cat Day. Unfortunately, Momma didn’t have that on her calendar and sadly the only thing she did was a quick graphic of me and my tabby fur sibs to post on soshall meowdia. She has been vewy distwacted, and therefore after posting the picture, she abruptly forgot to celebrate us with toona noms and Churu’s.

Speaking of Churus, I am happy to report that there will be more for me to enjoy, as Elly has decided she is not a fan, and Fwank blew chunks after his Churu did not sit well in his tummy. I might point out that Fwank had an enormous amount of kibbies in his tummy at the time as he had nommed not only his bweakfast, but also the rest of mine, Elly’s, Opie’s… and probably some of Peaches. It was impwessive, although Momma did not seem impwessed while cleaning up the pile of warm barf.

April 18, 2023

A Wonderpurr Week of Hail, Graboids, Turtles and Hurt Paws

Hi evfurrybuddy, Welcome to another Wonderpurr Week. I'm yoor host, Dori. *wavy paws* 

This past week my Momma woke up with a hurt paw, so I have decided to wecord my weekly weport. For those of yoo who have a stwuggle understanding my meow, I have added a twanscript at the very bottom. Hope yoo enjoy! Love, Dori

April 04, 2023

Thirsty Squirrels and Easter Breakfast

Dearest Friends, Well, it’s been a Wonderpurr week at my house, the place where I live. I hope yoo are feeling encouraged by the approach of Spring, even if it’s dwagging it’s foots in yoor part of the world. Please treat yoorself to a pwetty potted tulip to cheer up yoor room dΓ©cor. No lilies cuz they are toxic to all who nom them, but yoo already know that.

At my house we went for weeks without any rain, so much so that my momma began to worry about Sassy Squirrel who lives in the tree behind our catio. I overheard her ask Daddy, “Are they getting enough water?” Daddy – who has been married long enough to know where Mom was going with this question – replied, “I’m sure Mother Nature is taking care of them just fine.”

“Mother Nature is a temperamental bee-atch,” Momma replied. “Look at the death and destruction from the tornadoes she sent to Mississippi and Arkansas.”

We lived in Mississippi on the Memphis border up until three years ago. Yoo don’t want to fool around with them tornados.

March 21, 2023

Farewell to Dolly Meow

Dear Friends, I hope yoo have been enjoying a lovely month so far and didn't get too silly on green beer for St Patrick's Day. Truthfully, I didn't feel like celebrating. Even for a nibble of corned beast.

You see, for weeks my pwecious Dolly Meow has been missing. As yoo know she goes AWOL from time to time, but I always find her.

Recently I discovered the truth. The sad truth about why she's been missing since January. I'd spent hours each day looking everywhere, but she wasn't under the bed, or behind my cat tree, or in the bathroom closets... any of the places I usually find her.

March 09, 2023

Thankful for Friends

Dear Friends who read my bloggy, and my Instagwam and Facebook pages, this is for yoo.

I am thankful this Thankful Thursday because yoo have supported me throughout my career as a writer on my Tuesdays with Dori, a Bweaking Nooz reporter, an Inferior Dekkorator, a storyteller, and a fashun meowdel. Momma says I'm probably ADHD because I change careers as often as I change my mind about which noms I like. But that's okay because yoo all applaud and give me encouragement.

Without yoo I'd just be another pampurred housecat lying around the house, seeking out sun puddles and playing with my favorite toys. But no. Because of yoo I haz eleventy billion followers (editors note: cats can't count) and I get to enjoy visiting all of yoo on yoor pages.

Wasn't life sad before the inpurrnet was invented? I asked Momma about the Dark Ages before Inpurrnet and she agreed it was very Dark.

So, I just want to tell yoo I'm thankful for yoor friendships, and love yoo all dearly.

Today I'm joining Brian's Blog Hop for Thankful Thursday. But I'm not just Thankful on Thursdays. I want yoo to know I'm thankful evfurry day of the week. Love, Dori

March 07, 2023

Dear Mister Ralph Fiennes


Dear Mister Ralph Fiennes,

First, concatulations on yoor success as an actor. I didn’t know who yoo were until my momma sat me down for a Ralph Fiennes mewvee marathon, but now I have a pretty good idea of what yoor all about.

I was calling yoo RAL-pfff FIE-ness until my mom corrected me and said yoo pronounced yoor name Raif. Raif Fines. I thought she was pulling my tail, so I checked Speech Modification on YouTube and sure enough, she was right.

I’m not asking yoo to change yoor name since you’ve been an actor a long time… longer than I’ve been alive… but maybe, when yoo are doing a new mewvee, yoo could turn to the camera when yoo first appear and introduce yoorself by slowly enunciating the correct way to say yoor name. This will avoid confusion for others like me.

February 28, 2023

A Juicy Interview with A Star Seller, A True President and A British Dame: Meet the Sisters of @Misty.s_World

Welcome evfurrybuddy to my newest feature here on It's a Wonderpurr Life - Intermews of a Lifetime. I'm yoor host, Adorapurr, but furends call me Dori and I consider yoo a furend. *wavy paws* 

I'm vewy excited for my first intermew to be with a truly wonderpurr group of ladies who are also sisfurs, each from diverse backgrounds, and highly accomplished in their fields. Please welcome Misty, Lisa and Sophie from Instagram's @Misty.s_World. 


DORI: Misty and Lisa, and Sophie, thank yoo so much for taking time away from yoor bizzy schedules to be interrogated... *everyone hears loud coughing off stage* I mean.... Intermewed on my new Tuesdays with Dori show, Intermews of a Lifetime. Misty, since yoor name is prominent on everything to do with yoor brand, I will start with yoo.

As CEO of Misty.s_World_Boutique are yoo legitimately taking wesponsibility for yoor company being a Star Seller on Etsy, or are yoo willing to confess *leans forward with anticipation* that yoor just the Face of the company like Flo at Pwogressive and do little more than lie around waiting for the next meal to be served?

February 14, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Want to be Alone on Valentine's Day


Maybe it’s a Sign, but today is Valentine’s Day and it’s also the debut of my new Tuesdays with Dori feature:
Wake-Up Call. To me, a wake-up call is something that happens to make yoo realize that, if yoo are not happy, maybe it’s time for yoo to take action to change a situation, be it in your attitude or what’s going on in your life.
What better day than this could I possibly talk to yoo about being single and alone?
First, let me introduce the elephant in the woom: being single on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing wrong with being single. I’m single, kinda. My boifren Pwetzel lives in Wales. Not much womance going on since we only see each other on Instagwam. Anyway, I hope by now women all over the world have moved past the notion that being a couple is mandatory.
The biggest misconception about Valentine’s Day is that it’s meant for lovers only, which painfully pokes at those who are spending February 14th uncoupled with the idea that they should be sulking in a corner.
Nonsense. February 14th was originally a Christian feast day honoring a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine who supposedly restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer, and then wrote a letter to her signed "Your Valentine" as a farewell before his execution. I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure the girl wasn’t sulking in the corner over not getting some flowers and a box of chocolates.
So, for those of yoo who are moaning about not having a womantical pawtner for this one day out of the year, let me reassure, yoo are better off. Why? 
Here are my 5 Reasons to Celebrate Being Alone on Valentine’s Day.

February 07, 2023

Dear Mister Governor DeSantis

Dear Mister Governor DeSantis,

I hope yoo and Mrs. Governor DeSantis, and all the little Governor DeSantis's had a nice Christmas and New Year. Concatulations on being rehired for yoor job. I had plans to vote for yoo, but I was turned away at the polling place because my rabies license was not good enough of an identification. They did, however, give me ear scritches and one lady had a bag of treats in her purse reserved for when she meets stray kitties. Not that I am a stray. I'm legal.

I recently learned yoo were born in Jacksonville. My pawrents lived there when they were newly married. They had an ice cream shoppe called Sasparilla’s. Maybe yoo went there after going to the movies. Do yoo remember what yoo ordered? Yoo look like the type who would order a banana split.

December 06, 2022

Slobber Pillows and Zoomies

Dear Friends,

Bweaking Nooz! Christmas is only 19 sleeps away, so if yoo are stalling to buy presents or write greeting cards, I encourage yoo to get yoor act together today, cuz eating a daily bowl of stress is no way to spend the approaching holidays.

Sadly, not everyone takes my advice. Momma didn’t design our Christmas card until two weeks ago, and then, despite calling the company to make sure envelopes were included with postcards, the envelopes did not arrive. However, because customer service was wrong, they refunded the cost of shipping. So, Momma then jumped on Prime to get them delivered the next day. And, of course, she padded that order with a few things because let’s face it, stress requires comfort, be it sugar, likker, or a little shopping spree.