Proud of my Black Cat DNA

Hi evfurryone. It's me, Dori! *wavy paws* Sorry I didn't post this on Tuesday, but my brofur Wabbit was wurking his Golden AssWabbit Awards, and if I posted then the pals who visited our blog to vote would get confoozed. 

Anyway! Did yoo know I have Black Cat DNA? It's true!

My momma was black and beeUteeful. Her name is Annie. On a cold Decempurr night, she arrived on her own to my future forever home's backyard, looking for food and shelter for her family, comprised of her husband, and four 2-month-old kittens. She found raccoon noms, but when my future Meowmy saw her, she put out special kitteh noms. 

Alas, my future pawrents were leaving the next morning to spend Christmas in Michigan. Momma told our sitter, Michelle, to leave extra noms out for Annie. So when Momma returned, not only did she see Annie, but she also met the rest of us!

My daddy, Nikolas:

My brofurs:


and Kepurr:

and me and my twin sisfur Patsy:

Can yoo tell who is in front, and who is in back? Hint: I'm always out front, and Patsy always looked like she could rip yoo to shreads... which she could. Patsy had trust issues.

Anyway! When my future Momma saw all six of us, she threw herself on the mercy of the local cat rescue, who paid to vet all of us on the condition that Momma found us homes. She brought us inside to a room all to ourselves where we lived for two months while Momma put us up for adoption on Petfinders.

Yes! I really was up for adoption. Can yoo believe it?

But then my future hoomon Daddy started calling me his little Peanut... and he wanted to keep me. Squee!

Yoo can see how "thrilled" I was.

Anyway, Momma did her best finding everyone homes. Except Annie. Because no one wanted my mom cuz of her funny-looking eyes, she was never adopted. Annie had feline herpes, yoo see, and she unfortunately passed it on to her kittens. And when I got adopted, I passed it onto my fursibs, cuz it's highly contagious. The vets never told Momma about this until I had been adopted for two years and kept coming down with weepy eyes.

So Annie wasn't adopted, and neither was my sisfur, Patsy. They were both pretty feral, so eventually Momma put them outside. There they met the other outdoor cats, Jesse (who was outside at the time) and YumYum, a feral Siamese with blue eyes. The four of them became a Gang, and they hung out together. My daddy Nikolas was a part of the gang too. He had been adopted but then the people changed their minds. 

That's Kepurr and Patsy nomming while YumYum looks on. This is before we all got pulled inside to be 'dopted. I remember how sad I was to say goodbye to my brofur Kepurr when he finally found his forever home. He was my favorite. We spent weeks together in my Momma's closet, hanging out because we weren't so feral and could be handled. Unlike Kopea and Patsy who were fweakin' wild!

Eventually Annie moved on. Momma says she clearly remembers the last time she saw Annie. Annie was walking toward the woods, and stopped to look over her shoulder one last time to where Pasty was playing with her daddy, Nikolas. And then Annie was gone. Two years later Patsy left too with YumYum. There had been a strange Siamese visitor in our yard who made friends with YumYum, and when the stranger disappeared, so did Yum and Patsy. Momma thinks they all moved in with a neighbor in Southaven where we lived at the time.

This is me and my daddy Nikolas outside
before we got rescued

I guess what the lesson here is, take a chance on stray cats, no matter how they may first appear to yoo. My fur family was all pretty high-strung when we arrived, but with love and determination, both me and my daddy Nikolas simmered the hekk down and got forever homes. And so did Kepurr who was adopted along with Kopea to a nice family who loved black cats. 

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to yoo all!

Momma with Jesse


  1. Black kitties are the very best of kitties.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your peep. ♥

  2. catz rox....all wayz haz, all wayz will.... we N joyed yur storee bout yur familee :) ♥♥ manee sleepz ago... de trout towne houz panther sam... chillaxed with jiggz, lil joe and a german shepherd named fang :) ♥♥

  3. Such an interesting story and I'm so glad you found your way to your special forever home.

  4. What a great story and we are glad you all got the snip and even if the family decided to go back outside they were happy and watched over. Purrs Dori glad you decided to come in from the cold

  5. What an interesting family! We would never have guessed! We (actually Mom) LOVEs black cats (well any cats)!

  6. That is a great story about your family, Dori. I am glad you have a lovely indoor forever home.

  7. Dori, We loved reading about your family.We are so happy you got adopted and that now you have your own Blog and We got to be your furriends.

  8. I loved every word. I always do. But learning about your life was so nice a thing for me. Your fur family and your human one. XXX

  9. What a great story! Black kitties ARE awesome indeed...and if petcretary wasn't allergic to all but meezer kitties, she might have gotten a black one, too.


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