Naughty but Nice Magazine Covers - Part 2


Hey evfurryone, it's me Rabbit, back with more Naughty but Nice magazine covers for those who entered my Golden AssRabbit Awards contest. There was some really great competition this year, but I have a feeling next year's contest is going to dig even deeper into the diary's of some Bad Furs. Here are the magazine covers for the remaining Naughty but Nice category:

MOMO @momo_fluffypants

MAX @momo_fluffypants 

PUFIN @pufinopolous

SEBASTIAN @RockyPenniped

RUMPY @timmy_tomcat

What an awesome group of Bad Furs! Please return tomorrow when I reveal the magazine covers for the Bad to the Bone category.


  1. we hope R pal rumpy seez thiz one.....more grate coverz dood, and conga ratz two theez winnerz !! :) ♥♥

  2. There can't be super bad cats. Just can't be.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  3. Oh My Cat we laughed our fool cat heads off and Dad has tears coming out of his eyes. These are all so FUNNY! Rumpy you had some real competition so glad you won brother of mine. (Lawd, should we say that he is related in public??)


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