Bad to the Bone Magazine Covers


Well, there they are, The last of the magazine covers won by the nominations for my 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards. I gotta tell you, I'm glad I wasn't competing with these guys. I'm bad, but... sheesh! Even my blood pressure rose while reading their bios. Please applaud the following five Bad Furs:

KEVIN @itsmekevin_thecat

JUNI @juniwookieeandstevie

PEANUT @pretzelkitteh

MARSHMALLOW @marshmallowpaw


All the the covers will be emailed to the contestants upon posting. Thank you all so much for entering. I sincerely appreciate the time it took you to write your bios. All I can say is, next year's contest is gonna be Badder than evfur!

Take care, and see you on Instagram @Hermes_LuxuryCat aka The Original AssRabbit.


  1. dori, amazon haz pumpkin spice catnip toys

  2. well, therz a face we iz glad ta see came home ~~~~~~~~~ grate coverz and storeez bye each oh ewe.....conga ratz on yur azz rabbit winz !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  3. Each day the covers got better, love the Sawyer cover!

  4. Dad is laughing his head off and we are rolling in MOL! Our pal Sawyer - Walkabout MOL. Oh My Cat you gave us all Fits dood! Explore your Rooftop oh Marshmallow paw you look great on the cover. Pretzel! You need to have a spot on Hells Kitchen fur sure. Great Products for the family! Kevin my cat you put a whole new look on putting the Bite on someone namely your parents Too much and Juni you put in the work and got the reward. Keep up the effort MOL
    Thanks friends for a really funny contest and we cant wait to see Rumpy's goodies!

  5. dori, amazon haz pumpkin spice catnip toys

  6. dori amazon haz pinkin spice catnip toyz

  7. I am going to try this for the third time, and Mom is going to copy this before we hit publish. We keep getting a message from Blogger about not being able to post. Anyhoo, thanks for my great AssRabbit trophy. Mom has some pens that will write on ceramic and glass, so she's going to put my name on it. Cooper is really jealous. He's being terribly naughty, so he can enter the contest next year. I absolutely love my magazine cover and my chirppy bird. Thank you so much for everything. Paw hugs, Sawyer aka Shit Head


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