August 07, 2021

1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards


Hey, pals! It's me Rabbit, aka The Original AssRabbit. When my mom asked what I wanted to do for my 4th Birthday (on August 21st) I said I wanted to host a contest to celebrate my  furends caught being naughty. So we launched the 1st Annual Golden AssRabbit Awards.
To enter, FOLLOW me on Instagram or... if you don't have an Instagram account, you can follow my Facebook page

After you FOLLOW me, you can send me a Message with a short story about you being naughty. Also include a clear photo. You don't have to show me you actually misbehaving. A mug shot will do nicely.

Nominations CLOSE on Friday August 13th. We will then post the Entries and invite everyone to place a vote in each category. Categories have not yet been decided, so don't worry about that.

One more thing... If you don't have either Instagram or Facebook, no worries. You can enter in the comments below, and send us your photo via email at DiaryOfAnAssRabbit at gmail dot com. And also follow this blog by entering your email in the green box on the right sidebar.

Yes, there will be prizes!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to. So Enter Today!


Brian's Home Blog said...

That's pretty cool but I'm glad we're all good and never get into any trouble!

edie said...

As I have gotten older and no longer have fursibs, my assrabbit tendencies are few and far between, but I will send in some of my best/worst moments.

Timmy Tomcat said...

I WANT to enter BAD! It will show once and fur all, when I come in dead last, that I have NO ASS RABBIT Behaviors! Toby give me your treat! *Chomp* As I was meowing *Whaps and bites Einstein* I never, never misbehave!
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