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April 14, 2022

The Blessings of Easter Baskets


Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori *wavy paws* welcoming yoo to another Tuesdays with Dori. Except today is Thursday. We had a teknikal diffy-culty on Tuesday because our comments went into hiding. Thank yoo to Da Tabbies o Trout Towne for contacting us about this problem. So anyway, this is what my column was about on Tuesday:
 Well, Spring has sprung at my house. Pretty flowers and fragrant breezes filled with the aroma of fresh-mowed grass. Orangey-red hibiscus and Mandevilla blooming in shades of bright yellow. Mysterious wildlife skulking through our yard, hidden by the Jurrassic Park-like jungle surrounding our catio.

In my family Easter is probably the favorite holiday. Daddy shops at a small Polish grocery store by the beach and brings home delicious meats and baked goods to fill the Easter breakfast basket.  Momma decorates the house with her collection of bunnies and lambs in baskets, accompanied by Pisanki - wooden eggs with designs. Traditional Pisanki were painted with melted wax and dipped into dyes during Lent. The word Pisac means "to write." 

It is the Polish Catholic custom to take the pretty basket, filled with everything needed for Easter breakfast, to church the Saturday before Easter, and have it blessed by the priest.

Swieconka(sh-vee-en-soon-kah) is one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions. Baskets containing a sampling of Easter foods are brought to church to be blessed on Holy Saturday. The basket is traditionally lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood (bukszpan), the typical Easter evergreen. Poles take special pride in preparing a decorative and tasteful basket with crisp linens, occasionally embroidered for the occasion, and just enough boxwood and ribbon woven through the handle. Observing the beautiful foods and creations of other parishioners is one of the special joys of the event.

The priest then sprinkles the individual baskets with Holy Water. More traditional Polish churches uses a straw brush for dispersing the Water; others use the more modern metal Holy Water sprinkling wand. In some parishes, the baskets are lined up on long tables; in others, parishioners process to the front of the alter carrying their baskets, as if in a Communion line. Older generations of Polish migrants, descended from early 19th century immigrants, tend to bless whole meal quantities, often brought to church halls or cafeterias in large hampers & picnic baskets

Below is what you will traditionally find in a Polish Easter breakfast basket:

Maslo (Butter) - This dairy product is often shaped into a lamb (Baranek Wielkanocny) or a cross. This reminds us of the good will of Christ that we should have towards all things.
Babka (Easter Bread) - A round or long loaf topped with a cross or a fish, symbolic of Jesus, who is the Bread of Life.
Chrzan (Horseradish) - Symbolic of the Passion of Christ still in our minds.
Jajka (Eggs) and Pisanki (decorated with symbols of Easter, of life, of prosperity) - Indicates new life and Christ's Resurrection from the tomb.
Kielbasa (Sausage) - A sausage product, symbolic of God's favor and generosity.
Szynka (Ham) - Symbolic of great joy and abundance. Some prefer lamb or veal. The lamb also reminds Christians that the Risen Christ is the "Lamb of God."
Slonina (Smoked Bacon) - A symbol of the overabundance of God's mercy and generosity.
Sol (Salt) - A necessary element in our physical life. Symbolic of prosperity and justice and to remind us that people are the flavor of the earth.
Ser (Cheese) - Symbolic of the moderation Christians should have at all times.
Candle - Represents Christ as the Light of the World.
Colorful Ribbons and Sprigs of Greenery - are attached to the basket as signs of joy and new life in the season of spring and in celebration of the Resurrection.
Linen Cover - drawn over the top of the basket which is ready for the priest's visit to the home or the trip to church where it is joined with the baskets of others to await the blessing. The food is then set aside and enjoyed on Easter Sunday.
Wishing yoo all a Wonderpurr Easter! Love, Dori

April 05, 2022

Sunshine Girl


Dear Frens,

This past week I was helping my momma purge old photos and stuff off our computer when suddenly, we found this adorable video of me playing in my backyard. Filmed two years ago before we moved to FloryDa, we watched in silence, remempurring the good times that little backyard gave us.

Our backyard was actually very big, with a creek running through the backhalf. However, as Momma told me, shortly after they moved in, my brofur Hwermie bolted out the door, and Momma had to chase him down through several yards. She was fearful he would take a sharp right and jump into the creek.

So, after he did this twice (with Momma wearing her beloved pink bunny slippers both times) she told Daddy to fence the yard. However, instead of fencing the whole yard, they made a smaller Secret Garden.

We loved that garden. It had a three tiered fountain, and lots of plants to hide among, especially when Momma wanted us to come inside. 

But when we moved, we no longer had grass to play on. Here in FloryDa, our backyard has a wetland where lots of predators live. We've had visits from Great Horned Owls, and deer, and marsh rabbits. And a Bob Cat. Yep, he was super scary. I saw him and couldn't move from my spot on the other side of the catio screen.

So, here, for  yoor amewsment, are my videos from both my Secret Garden backyard, and just this weekend, me enjoying my sun puddle in my Catio yard.

Until Next Time...

March 29, 2022

He Who Must Not Be Tolerated


Hello Frens, this is Dori. *wavy paws*

Today is Tuesday, and I'm feeling distwessed.

First of all, I hope yoo are experiencing fresh air and sunshine now that Spring has sprung.

At my house Daddy purrchased flowers in blue and yellow and pink to brighten up our front porch. Those are Momma's favorite colors, and make her happy. Daddy says if color makes Momma happy, then by gosh he's going to buy every blue, yellow and pink colored flower he can find.

Now that I've got the pleasantries out of the way, back to me feeling distwessed.

Yoo see, because of the restwaining odor I have against He Who Must Not Be Tolerated, I am locked in my castle suite while he runs amok throughout the house. This is not fair. It should be HWMNBT locked up all day while I run amok. However, there's a rumor going around that he had a Freedom During the Day clause put into his adoption contwact.

This amokness is wearing down my pawrents because I hear screams of outrage coming from those not locked in my castle suite with me. Usually Fwank.

I tell Fwank to use his training as a lethal street thug on AssWabbit and shiv him, but Fwank says Momma won't allow him to use his claws. So sad.

I love my momma dearly, but as she clearly does not have the situation under control, I must remain on lockdown . And with the majority of my fursibs sharing my suite, I am in danger of losing sleeping rights to my cozy kitteh cottage, given to me by Santa Claus.

I love my cozy kitteh cottage with it's foot-and-a-half-high ceiling, woomy interior, kitchenette and central air. It has not only a door but also a window. During the winter I had a lovely fur rug, but now in the spring the rug is replaced with a Tempurr Pedic mattwess. Purrfect for me to welax on.

However, evfurrybody wants it. 

Including me!

But I can't get into it because after bweakfast there is a mad rush for the bedwoom. 

Just this morning I saw chunky butt Opie hip-check sweet KC aside to grab my cottage. However, Opie forgot he had to pee, and when he left, KC grabbed my cottage for himself. 

And when I do get to my cottage first, I have to deal with remnants of the last purrson who used it. Yesterday it was Peaches, who has the gross habit of sneezing thick boogies into the walls.

Momma did order more cottages, but they are different and my cottage is still the numpurr one favorite.

There is no solution to my predicament, sad to say. But I strongly urge yoo to write to yoor congwessman to ask them to file an amendment to Turkish Van adoption contracts, section IV, paragwaph 8 where it stipulates these ruthless purrveyors of anguish and destwuction must be given freedom during the day, and plead with them to change it to No Freedom During the Day.

I wepeat: NO Freedom During the Day.

If yoo do, yoo will forever have my sincere gratitude.



Until Next Time...

February 22, 2022

Pawtraits by Adorapurr

Hi evfurryone, it's me Dori. *wavy paws* Did yoo know that not only am I the host of Tuesdays with Dori, I'm also a Bweaking Nooz repurrter, Inspurrational speaker, Author's Mews, and now... a pawfessional pawtrait pawtographer. I got a Polaroid camera and I'm weally good at capturing my fursibs in honest life moments. Hope yoo enjoy.

February 10, 2022

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella


Herman: Happy Umbrella Day, Dori!

Dori: I'm not feeling so happy. Purrsonally, umbwellas scare me. One minute they're narrow and behaving themselves... The next, they fling open their moufs and puff up like a Persian having a hissy fit. 

Herman: Our meowmy always says in order to get over our fears, we first must understand what we fear. 

Dori: I'm okay not getting over my fear.

Herman: Hey Dori. Remempurr the time when Daddy spent his Memorial Day weekend on his knees?

Dori: Begging Meowmy for forgiveness?

January 18, 2022

I Have A Question

Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori *wavy paws* host of Tuesdays with Dori. Did yoo know this coming Caturday, January 22nd, is National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. Being the impatient puss I am, I decided not to wait another four days to get answers to the top five questions that have been burning my bwain for a vewy long time. So without further delay, here goes...

January 04, 2022

My Mew Year's Resolution

Hi evfurrybuddy, it's me Dori! *wavy paws* 

Do yoo make rezzylooshuns? Us cats are not prone to planning ahead, especially committing to something that is supposed to last all year long. However, I am making a special rezzylooshun in the case of my brofur, Wabbit.

Yoo see, my welationship wif Wabbit has finally peaked, and we are taking a bweak.

I showed just how unhappy I am about being Wabbit's play toy the other night when I marched up to the couch and turned my tail to it. Momma saw me and gasped with disbelief! It was only a slight spray, but it made a huge impression. Momma consulted Dr Google and he said stwess was the main reason I spwayed. 

December 14, 2021

Ginger Kitty and Jumper Cables


Hi evfurrybuddy! It's me, Dori *wavy paws* all excited because Christmas is on Caturday next week. Is it just my momma, or did Christmas get here way too fast? She said all her energy went into shopping and wrapping gifts, so this year she's skipping the part where she traditionally bakes biscotti.

I got a surprise package this week from Miz Janet over at The Cat on my Head who said she thought I needed Ginger Kitty, a little toy that looks like a gingerbread cat, to make me feel better. I've had a rough year because of Wabbit, who now thinks I'm his prey and needs to be hunted at all cost. He is not James Bond. Wabbit does not have a license to kill. So I had to move into the master bedwoom to live wif the seniors in order to avoid him. 

December 07, 2021

Nurturing Gone Wild


Hi evfurrybuddy! Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori! *wavy paws* 

Today I am here to discuss a twagedy that my momma may not ever recover from. 

Yoo know how she had dozens of raccoons, and possums, and a few ground hogs at our house back in Southaven? For years she tossed peanuts and dog kibbies, and sometimes the neighbors would drop off leftover donuts and pizza- although I have yet to see any leftover pizza in our house cuz my daddy does not stop eating until the last piece is gone - out our back door to where the furry children of Mother Nature thankfully awaited their meals. It took her a couple years to wean the raccoons off of the free meals, but she did right before we moved last year.

October 19, 2021

The Great Romance

 Hi evfurryone, it's me Dori, back from a bweak forced upon me by my momanager who says the summer hoomiditty has melted her bwain cells, and she lost her energy to do anything more than binge watch Yellowstone. Beth is her favorite character. 

Anyway! Let me tell yoo what's been happening at my house:

August 19, 2021

Proud of my Black Cat DNA

Hi evfurryone. It's me, Dori! *wavy paws* Sorry I didn't post this on Tuesday, but my brofur Wabbit was wurking his Golden AssWabbit Awards, and if I posted then the pals who visited our blog to vote would get confoozed. 

Anyway! Did yoo know I have Black Cat DNA? It's true!

My momma was black and beeUteeful. Her name is Annie. On a cold Decempurr night, she arrived on her own to my future forever home's backyard, looking for food and shelter for her family, comprised of her husband, and four 2-month-old kittens. She found raccoon noms, but when my future Meowmy saw her, she put out special kitteh noms. 

Alas, my future pawrents were leaving the next morning to spend Christmas in Michigan. Momma told our sitter, Michelle, to leave extra noms out for Annie. So when Momma returned, not only did she see Annie, but she also met the rest of us!

My daddy, Nikolas:

My brofurs:


and Kepurr:

and me and my twin sisfur Patsy:

Can yoo tell who is in front, and who is in back? Hint: I'm always out front, and Patsy always looked like she could rip yoo to shreads... which she could. Patsy had trust issues.

Anyway! When my future Momma saw all six of us, she threw herself on the mercy of the local cat rescue, who paid to vet all of us on the condition that Momma found us homes. She brought us inside to a room all to ourselves where we lived for two months while Momma put us up for adoption on Petfinders.

Yes! I really was up for adoption. Can yoo believe it?

But then my future hoomon Daddy started calling me his little Peanut... and he wanted to keep me. Squee!

Yoo can see how "thrilled" I was.

Anyway, Momma did her best finding everyone homes. Except Annie. Because no one wanted my mom cuz of her funny-looking eyes, she was never adopted. Annie had feline herpes, yoo see, and she unfortunately passed it on to her kittens. And when I got adopted, I passed it onto my fursibs, cuz it's highly contagious. The vets never told Momma about this until I had been adopted for two years and kept coming down with weepy eyes.

So Annie wasn't adopted, and neither was my sisfur, Patsy. They were both pretty feral, so eventually Momma put them outside. There they met the other outdoor cats, Jesse (who was outside at the time) and YumYum, a feral Siamese with blue eyes. The four of them became a Gang, and they hung out together. My daddy Nikolas was a part of the gang too. He had been adopted but then the people changed their minds. 

That's Kepurr and Patsy nomming while YumYum looks on. This is before we all got pulled inside to be 'dopted. I remember how sad I was to say goodbye to my brofur Kepurr when he finally found his forever home. He was my favorite. We spent weeks together in my Momma's closet, hanging out because we weren't so feral and could be handled. Unlike Kopea and Patsy who were fweakin' wild!

Eventually Annie moved on. Momma says she clearly remembers the last time she saw Annie. Annie was walking toward the woods, and stopped to look over her shoulder one last time to where Pasty was playing with her daddy, Nikolas. And then Annie was gone. Two years later Patsy left too with YumYum. There had been a strange Siamese visitor in our yard who made friends with YumYum, and when the stranger disappeared, so did Yum and Patsy. Momma thinks they all moved in with a neighbor in Southaven where we lived at the time.

This is me and my daddy Nikolas outside
before we got rescued

I guess what the lesson here is, take a chance on stray cats, no matter how they may first appear to yoo. My fur family was all pretty high-strung when we arrived, but with love and determination, both me and my daddy Nikolas simmered the hekk down and got forever homes. And so did Kepurr who was adopted along with Kopea to a nice family who loved black cats. 

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day to yoo all!

Momma with Jesse

August 12, 2021

Winner of BASKET CASE: Who Wore It Best

 Thank you to all who voted for me. I've never won anything in my life...except maybe the Lottery when I found my Forever Home. Love, Candy

August 10, 2021

Basket Case: Who Wore It Best

Hi evfurrybuddy! It's Tuesdays again, and I'm Dori. *wavy paws* By now yoo probably know all about how my brofur Wabbit is hosting a contest called The Golden AssRabbit Awards. It's designed for naughty furs who frustrate their hoomons.

Lately I've tried to be naughty so I can enter the contest, but Wabbit says NO. I can't enter, and neither can any of my other fursibs. He's such an AssWabbit!

So I decided to have my own contest. Below are some of my sibs who have enjoyed a pawtikular basket on our kitchen counter over the past year. Because they were all so envious when I got featured on the cover of MEOW magazine, courtesy of the talented Nai Salter, meowmy to Jazzy Jazz and the Furry Bunch, I decided to make them each the cover meowdel of their own magazine while sitting in the basket.

August 05, 2021



Sorry I couldn't post this on Tuesday. We didn't have internet or teevee since Monday. The problem was inside the control box in our laundry room. But it's all fixed now. Thank Cod!

So Nai Salter, the momma of my furend @Jazzy_Jazz_and_the_Furry_Bunch, made me a cover meowdel for MEOW magazine. I am so happy with this, I wanted to show yoo.

Wishing  yoo all a Wonderpurr weekend!
Love, Dori

July 27, 2021

My Bespoke and Made to Order Prizes by Kerky Kat Boutique

 Hi evfurrybuddy, this is Dori. *wavy paws* Today I'm vewy excited to show yoo all the wonderpurr pwizes I won when I entered Fudge's Giveaway on The package flew all the way to my house from Mewton-Clawson in the United Kingdom. They were pretty exhausted when they arrived on Fri-yay, so Momma said to let them rest over the weekend. 

There were a lot of pwizes in the box, even some for my Momma. A bwacelet, and a keychain and a note book with pen, and a change purrrse, which intrigued me, but then Momma showed me what was inside the purrrple tissue papurr... and this is what happened.

July 20, 2021

The Subject is Closet Space


Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori. *wavy paws* 

Today I want to discuss Closet Space, or lack thereof. Let me say right up fwont, I do not purrsonally own a closet. Nor do I see actual need for closets. 

It is my opinion that closets are the Devil's invention, meant to inflict fwustwashun and anger issues by tempting hoomoms to be so sentimental about old stuff, that they cannot bear to let go, even long after it has ceased to spark joy. Not exactly a quote from Marie Kondo, but if yoo have overstuffed closets, then yoo get my point.

Before I go much further, let me first give yoo my Bweaking Nooz report.

July 13, 2021

The Subject is Penguins

 Hello to all my Furends. Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori. *wavy paws* So this week my momma started taking pawtography lessons. She's had a nice camera for awhile, but has leaned too much on her iPhone to take our pikchures. Something about how, if she had to run and get her DSLR every time one of us struck a pose, every pikchure would be filed under "No Look Wednesday." While Momma is off learning about how to wurk her camera, and not depend on Auto... Daddy went off to sweat in the sun while playing swat ball with stick game. 

Momma had every intention of helping me write my Tuesday column, but she had to take the loooong way home because there was a horry-bill accident on the freeway and twaffic was backed up for over ten miles and at least two hours, if not more. So now all she wants to do is take a nap. So, today's Tuesday column is a re-run of a Cat-toon from our old house where George and Gracie Geese visited with their babies last spring. We sure do miss seeing them. Now all we get at this house are deer doggos and huuuuge owls sitting in branches over our Catio, staring at ME with a hangry look in their eyes. I nearly peed my purrrple underpants the other day.

Okay, on wif the show!


July 06, 2021

A Dramatic Moment for Dori


Welcome to another Tuesdays with Dori. I'm yoor host, Dori. *wavy paws*. I hope yoo all enjoyed a nice Independence Day weekend. At Wonderpurr Life, we posted a lot of social media giving hoomons a heads up about how fireworks can frighten not only pets, but also wildlife. Momma's sister lives on a lake, and she said before the weekend she had a lot of swans, and a lot of squirrels and birds around her home. But by the morning of July 4th... the lake was very quiet. The poor creatures fled! And her own pets were traumatized, even though she turned on the radio and teevee, and added calming essences to the air. There is nothing we can do about this. It's TRADITION to celebrate with fireworks, and hoomons will continue to do so forever. But, I also think that hoomons are now becoming aware of how us furs react to loud booms and loud bangs, and taking necessary measures to help us cope.